State Policies

Tobacco tax ≥ $2.00
Smoke-free workplaces
Smoke-free restaurants
Smoke-free bars
Smoke-free casinos
No e-cigarettes in workplaces
No e-cigarettes in restaurants
No e-cigarettes in bars
No e-cigarettes in casinos
Tobacco purchase age of 21
Local preemption

Interactive State Health Policy Map


Select any number of tobacco control policies listed in the left toolbar, and states and territories that have all of these policies implemented will turn dark blue. You can also mouse over each state and territory to see where they stand with regards to all policies listed in the left toolbar.

For every policy category except local preemption, a “yes” indicates that the state or territory has a policy in place in alignment with tobacco control best practices. A “yes” for local preemption means that local municipalities are restricted in their ability to pass evidence-based tobacco control policies by state law.

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Sources: Americans for Non-Smokers Rights and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Last Updated on November 28, 2017